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I’m a Lecturer at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. I did my PhD in Philosophy at The University of Toronto, and graduated in 2017.

Most of my work is about attention and consciousness. I’ve also recently started work a project about the scientific study of romantic love and a few pedagogical projects (including both the pedagogy talks below and an additional one about accessibility and syllabus writing). When I’m not doing philosophy, I might be learning new recipes or playing boardgames.

I’m also on PhilPeople:

Recent/Upcoming Presentations: 

2018: “Intellectual attention, consciousness, and understanding”. International Association for Cognitive Semiotics.

2018: “The temporal profile of linguistic understanding”. Canadian Philosophical Association. 

2019: “William James on the duration of judgment and the nature of consciousness”. American Philosophical Association – Pacific Division. Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy. 

2019: “Teaching at the intersection of philosophy and science” American Philosophical Association – Pacific Division. Teaching Hub.